TECGUT: Multi CX 16

TECGUT: Multi CX 16


GOSEN's most advanced multi-filament structure

GOSEN’s TECGUT series is renowned for the closest design to NATURAL GUT. This multifilament string provides extra comfort that cannot be found in polyesters or synthetic gut strings. The Multi CX 16 increases the durability of the traditional multifilament designs, allowing greater power, spin and softness into the one string. The thicker gauge increases the durability required by multifilaments. An ultimate addition to the GOSEN TECGUT family.

durability: 100/100
power: 70/100
softness: 80/100
spin: 70/100

gauge: 1.30mm (16GA)

material: High elastic special nylon multi filament, high heat-resistant yarn (CX), hybrid high-performance resin, special composite yarn

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